Donate Scrap Metal to help City Impact

A Wichita Falls non-profit wants to expand to reach more people and your scrap metal can help them do that. City Impact has been reaching out to the community for the last several years. They want to do more, that's why they're creating a non-profit business, Impact Iron, as a stream of funding.

"What we don't want to do is go around and beg for money," said City Impact Executive Director Bob Johnston. "What we want to do is provide some alternate stream of funding where we can pay our own bills."

City Impact reaches the community through various other organizations and ministries, including Smokin' Jesus. Rusty and Stacey Nix run that ministry.

"We come through here (Catalina Motel). We come around we just let them know we're Smokin Jesus and we have free food," said Stacey Nix.

City Impact reaches about 500 people every month through the various outreach programs.

"We a small organization. We're not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but we make a huge impact," said Johnston.

They want to do more and that's why they're creating Impact Iron to receive funding. Money donated from your unwanted scrap metal will go directly to them. They'll then make cash off the items and expand.

"It will give us more money to bless the homeless folks," said Stacey Nix.

Not just homeless, convicted felons. The overall goal is to tell people about Christ and give them an opportunity for a better life.

"We're doing a hand up to help them get on their feet," said David Bellfield, Food/Outreach Ministries.

Typical donated items would include: Damaged or serviceable appliances, automobiles and trailers, iron, tin, copper, aluminum cans or metal of any kind. Volunteers will be more than happy to remove iron, tin, copper or other metal scrap from commercial or residential buildings, lots or garages. They will gladly come by and pick up your scrap metal donations. To make an appointment for scrap metal pick-up or removal call: 940-613-5411 or e-mail Bob Johnston at

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.