Seymour Mayor Helps Residents On Lake Kemp

The Mayor in Seymour is working with residents as concerns continue to rise over water restrictions.

Mayor Ronald Reeves has set up a schedule at the treated water tank in town so that residents living by Lake Kemp, who depend on the tank as their only water source, can have access to clean water.

The tank will now be open from 7-10 a.m. on week days. An attendant will be stationed there to make sure anyone filling up has a Lake Pass.

Reeves had to shut off access to the tank on Friday after the raw water tank broke. Since residents are on a water restriction, he was concerned they would buy the treated water to use for restricted purposes.

Since re-opening the treated water tank, Reeves upped the price for water. Treated water can now be purchased for $3 for 100 gallons, which is up from the original price of 75 cents for 250 gallons.