Boil Order Lifted In Cashion Community

Residents in Cashion Community no longer have to boil their water.

Friberg Cooper Water Supply Corp. Spokeswoman, Debra Carr said they finally got a Clean Bill of Health from the Health Department Monday, just before 10 a.m.

The boil order was originally put in place after a water main broke August 31st near the intersection of Margaret and Hooper. It happened around 7:30 p.m. leaving hundreds without water for more than 21 hours.

There was no boil order for Wichita Falls except for in Cashion Community. Friberg Cooper Water Supply Corp. officials said their tanks had been drained and they had no choice but to place a boil order out in Cashion Community.

Wichita Falls city officials said  they knew there was a leak in one of the city's main water transmission lines. The city was in the middle of planning a repair on the line when the line busted. Various city divisions worked diligently all night and morning to repair, what they are called a catastrophic failure line break.

Officials said crews stayed with the leak until it got repaired. Daniel Nix, Utilities Operation Manager, said, "The installation was finished this morning about 8 or 9 a.m." Nix added, "We had to put in place what's called a concert block, that was poured just before noon. We then filled line with water and we had to do a flush."

If you are still experiencing water problems you're asked to call the city's water hotline number. It is (940) 720-5000.