Summer Sports Safety

Making sure your kids are safe while playing sports in the triple digit heat is a number one priority for many parents.

We are entering into the hottest month of the year and for the Greater Wichita Falls Soccer Association said beating the heat is key.

JC Whaley, President of Greater Wichita Falls Soccer Association, said, "I always tell all my parents to bring plenty of water, but we do take frequent water breaks." Whaley added, "I'll let the kids take a water break every 4 or 5 minutes, with the younger team. With the older team I'll break every 10 minutes."

Whaley said taking those frequent water breaks are important. "On days that it's 90 and 100 degrees, we give water breaks during the game."

Whaley said all coaches and referees are trained on the importance of heat safety, but he added being cautious should go beyond the playing field.

"We remind all the coaches and parents to make sure to keep kids hydrated and safe." Whaley added, "Try to put your kids outside once in a while during the day, they can get acclimated to the heat."

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6