Texoma Couple Arrives Home to Find Big Surprise!

Theresa and Ken Simpson lost their home during the 2011 wildfires. They were forced to live in a trailer home, but not for long. A contractor wanted to build a home for a family who lost theirs in the wildfires. They were that lucky couple. They moved into the home just a few weeks ago and got another surprise Saturday as Home Zone Furniture donated a house full of furniture!

"I feel like after all of this God must have just gathered together a whole band of earth angels," said the Simpson's. "Now it's like living in a dream. A new house, new furniture, it's totally unbelievable."

This was all planned through friends and family of the Simpson's. This surprise happened while they were shopping at Walmart. During that time a team of people moved in all the new furniture. Be sure to watch the video to see their surprise reaction!