Petrolia Facing Tough Water Restrictions

The city of Petrolia is in its last emergency stage. Petrolia's Mayor, Bill Holmberg, announced the city is in Stage 4 of their Drought Contingency Plan.

He said Lake Petrolia is down 10 to 14 feet. With no rain in sight the city had to take drastic measures.

Stage 4 means no outdoor watering whatsoever. It should only be used for washing and restroom use. There will be no bulk sale of water.
"I understand people want a nice green yard, but if you haven't got the water, you just can't
water," said Mayor Holmberg. "We've been in Stage 3 for over a year but usually the water has gone up and not gone down and we haven't had any rain so we've been watching it and reviewing it and figured the best time to do it is do it now."

They're not just standing by and waiting for mother nature to give the area rain. They're relying on a water pump to relive them. Wednesday morning they plan on running water from a nearby lake into Lake Petrolia.

"It's something to worry about but I don't think it's something we need to get scared about," said resident Kenny Parker.

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Crystal Hall Newschannel 6