3 Year Old Shot and Killed in Montague CO

A Texoma community continues to mourn the tragic loss of a young life. Authorities say a 3 year old boy was shot and killed at his home in Montague County last Thursday.

Newschannel 6 went to the home just North of Forestburg on Monday and found a van from the Forestburg Baptist Church parked at the bottom of the long dirt driveway.

A handwritten sign on the van directed all questions to the family's pastor, Bill Kimbley, who is authorized to speak for the grieving family.

Pastor Kimbley said, "We're here today because of an accident, a very tragic accident. But most importantly right now, I think the most important thing about this is not so much the accident or the details there of its the comfort that the family needs."

The ongoing investigation is being handled by the Texas Rangers. They were called in by the Montague County Sheriffs Office because the boy's father works as a police officer in Denton. He was off duty when the shooting happened.

A DPS Spokesman, authorized to speak for the Rangers, said they are investigating the shooting as an accidental discharge by the young boy.

Kimbley said it's hard to grasp what the family is feeling. "Somebody that's lost a child or lost a close loved one, they understand the pain. There's not anything that human words can say."

Kimbley says support from the community in Forestburg is helping the Scott family during a difficult time. He said, "We're greatly thankful for everyone's prayers. This community does, it's a loving community. Forestburg is just an amazing town when anything like this happens they really step out and just love unconditionally."

The DPS Spokesman said when the Rangers finish their investigation they will hand it over to the District Attorney for consideration. Until then, the Scott family is requesting privacy as they mourn a life that was taken too soon.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6