Mild Winter Frees Up Funds for TXDOT's Summer Road Work

This summer TXDOT crews have been working to repair and repave roads. They're able to do much more because of our mild winter.

"A lot of this is spent on overlays which is where we put down a new layer of hot-mix and then re-stripe the roadway," said Adele Lewis with TXDOT.

Some of the areas that saw and are seeing improvements include:

1) SH 240 near Sheppard, one mile overlay

2) Widened 10 miles of FM 171 North in Clay County

3) Old Jacksboro Highway near Rathgeber Road saw improvements restriping

4) Crews are currently working on US 81 near Bowie.

TXDOT received $15.5 million for roadways materials. That's higher than any of the past
several years. Because Texoma didn't suffer from major snowfall or severe ice only $341,000 was used during the winter.

"When you spend so little for snow and ice this last fiscal year and yet you were given such a high allocation it means we have more money to spend rehabilitating and repairing our roadways," said Lewis.

While many areas are in need of repair, not all will get fixed.

"We will take those jobs and reevaluate them against next fiscal year's line of priorities."

Hot-mix season runs from March through October. You can expect road crews to lay down materials on certain roads for the next few months.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.