City Eyesore Finally Coming Down

The demolition of a major eyesore in Wichita Falls is finally moving forward. The front of the Shamburger Lumber building has been a mess for months after crews worked to move just one building off site. That crew then left, leaving trash and debris behind.

Tracie Wood, Manager of Kemp Circle Liquor said, "Then you have the insulation and stuff that's around and windy days you can just see it and it gets everywhere."

Newschannel 6 went looking for answers at the Wichita Falls Code Enforcement Office and the Building Inspectors Office.

Code Enforcement Supervisor Rita Miller told us the building's owner just recently got a new demolition permit approved.

Wood said she'd just like to see some progress made. "At least just take it all the way down to the foundation. Get all that mess out of there. Even if it's left you know an empty slab that's fine."

Taking it down to a slab is the plan according to A.V. Mote. His team has been contracted to do the demolition for months, but hasn't been able to start because the property owner had to pay for an environmental survey.

Mote said that survey and all the necessary paperwork to begin demolition has come through. He wanted to make sure we knew he didn't make the mess out front, but now he's planning to tear it down and clean it up.

Mote's company is also handling the demolition of the Certainty Warehouse on Call Field road. He said they'll be shifting resources back and forth to complete both jobs. There's no definitive date for the Shamburger job to be done.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6