Sheriff: Child Molester Polygraph Test

A Clay County man is facing Sexual Assault charges.

Clay County Sheriff's Captain said he received a call in July from the owner of Dallas polygraph services. The business owner said Marlin Anderson, 54, requested a polygraph in reference to a sexual assault of a 35 year old woman and her 3 year old daughter.

The owner said he was concerned about the results on the toddler. He said Anderson admitted to having a sexual relationship with the adult when she was young.

The sheriff's office captain contacted the adult female, and during an interview confirmed Anderson had sexually abused her. The 35 year old told sheriff's Anderson also sexually assaulted her three year old daughter.

The child's mother provided an email from Anderson dated 1-26-12, which consisted of the following statements: "I do not believe that I am a pedophile and the legal definition for pedophile does not fit me. I am a child molester and I don't need a definition to know that. The second horrible act was possibly worse than the first; I have let you carry the burden of that horrible act for nearly your entire life. Not only did I not claim responsibility for what I did and I also tried to put some of the blame on you."

The sheriff's captain met with the adult female victim and her husband. The captain explained to the husband the possible sexual assault of the child. The husband stated the possible sexual assault occurred a week before Thanksgiving. The husband said it was not reported due to it being the holidays and they didn't want to cause trouble between the family.

Both parents stated that since the incident, they have had no contact with Anderson. Anderson was charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault.