Rhea Road Realignment

We are continuing our coverage on the  Rhea Road Realignment Project. The project plans to ease traffic on one of the busiest intersections in Wichita Falls.

City Engineer Davis Powell said the project is on schedule and the complete date is still set to be October 3rd.

Powell said things are running smoothly. He said August 11th and 12th contractors will be laying down asphalt on part of Rhea Road, but traffic will still be able to travel  through.

Despite all the traffic congestion, businesses in the area all embracing the changes.

Nichole Fields, Manager at Sport Clips Haircuts, said, "Once it's all finished it's going to cut through our parking lot, so I think it will really benefit the businesses in the area."

Powell said traffic signal poles have also been put up, but will not be activated for another few weeks.

Once the new traffic lights are activated, the newly constructed lane will be open to traffic. Then road construction will start on the west half of Lawrence Road.

City officials overseeing the project said the construction was a direct result of backed up and congested traffic along Callfield and Lawrence Road, near Rhea Road.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6