Cowboys Get Ready For The Texas Ranch Roundup

Cowboys at W.T. Waggoner Estates are prepping for this year's Texas Ranch Roundup.

Ranch Manager Weldon Hawley says they don't really have to practice for the arena events because it's stuff they do every day, but they are mentally preparing.

"We ought to do good, you know, we've got good cowboys here," said one of Waggoner's competitors K.C. Green. "Everybody is capable of winning, so I think our chances are pretty good."

However, Hawley says the Ranch Roundup is about more than just competition.

"(It's) like a huge family get together for all the ranches," said Hawley. "And then it turns into a competition. We have a real good time there; It's like a big reunion."

The Ranch Roundup is August 17th and 18th at the MPEC. Tickets are $10-24 and proceeds benefit many children at the North Texas Rehab Center.