Violent Situation At Hunter's Crossing

A man surrendered himself to authorities after a five hour standoff at Hunter's Crossing Apartment Complex.

The back corner of the complex was blocked off. MSU sent a notice warning all students to stay away from the complex.

Our crew was at the scene as officers tried to communicate with a man who had locked himself inside.

Several police cars were on the scene along with one brown hummer. One man pulled up in full gear. Officers also knocked out street lights nearby.

Police killed power in the complex so it was pitch black except for light coming from one police car. 

Officers told everyone to back up. They then talked to the man through a megaphone asking for his cell phone number. They told him that many people were worried about him. The man hiding in the complex asked the police to leave.

After that, there was dead silence for at least twenty minutes.

Police tried to contact the man by cell phone. Officers moved a group of people because of danger of "straight shot" from where incident is taking place.

A SWAT team moved in just before 3 a.m. The suspect soon after surrendered. It's confirmed the suspect was alone.

Newschannel 6 will continue to look into this incident. Stay with us as we work to learn about the suspect and what caused the standoff.