Rough Ride

The south bound lanes between Electra and Iowa Park are under construction and residents are dealing with a rough ride.

Texas Department of Transportation said It is a three step process to repair several miles of highway. While construction zones can be a headache, drivers are dealing with the changes.

Adele Lewis, Public Information Officer with TX-DOT, said loose gravel can be a problem near construction zones, but encourage drivers to keep a safe travel distance.

"When asphalt and gravel poured on top of the road, it causes for a little bit loose and it does fly around." Lewis added, "After the seal coat is laid down and sealed, they will put a brand new layer of hot mix and that is what makes the smooth surface."

All the work will fix a deeper problem not seen from the surface. "It was stuff that you didn't even see, buckling of the pavement, the base underneath the roadway that was going bad and pockets." Lewis added, "It needed a total rehab on certain locations from the roadbed up."

TX-DOT hopes drivers will be patient and realize there are a few more steps in order to get the road back into good condition.

The project is set to wrap up mid September and contractors are working diligently to keep the project on time.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6