Child Safe From Burk Standoff

Burkburnett Police told us a child who was originally thought to be trapped in a house during a SWAT standoff was actually safe and away from danger.

It started on the 200 block of S. Ave. B Monday afternoon. Wichita County Sheriff David Duke said authorities chased Carlos Cardona in Burkburnett, before he barricaded himself inside a home on S. Ave. B which led to the standoff.

The suspect said he had a seven year old child with him however the boy had been taken out of the house by his mother before officers arrived.

After negotiations with authorities Cardona surrendered peacefully. Police said they were about to do a code red and evacuate the area just before he surrendered.

Officials said Cardona was found with an automatic air pistol.

Cardona was taken to the Wichita County. He will be charged with evading and fail to ID/fugitive from justice.

He had outstanding warrants for assault family violence and criminal trespass.