Hunger Games House Party At The Kemp Center

The exciting and pulse-pounding Hunger Games are coming to the Kemp Center for the Arts.  The Hunger Games House Party will be Saturday at 5 p.m.  It is sure to be an evening of fun, and will close with a showing of the Hunger Games movie at 6 p.m.

Go dressed as your favorite character, and enter into the costume contest!  There will be several winners announced by the Capitol's own Effie Trinket at the intermission of the movie.  A reaping will also take place, and the victors will receive glorious prizes from the Capitol.  May the odds be ever in your favor!

See if your artistic skills are up to the Capitol's standards in our crafting corner.  Paint like Peeta, shoot a bow like Katniss, the Girl on Fire, and represent District 12 with your very own coal necklace!  Prove yourself worthy to the judges in our "Real or Not Real" trivia game, and you may add another name to the bowl for our reaping.

The buffet table is guaranteed to satisfy you with Haymitch's favorite punch (non-alcoholic), cookies baked by Peeta Mellark, dreaded nightlock berries, and edible tracker jackers!

At 6 p.m., Effie Trinket will announce the beginning of the "Hunger Games". (Parents: This movie is PG13.  If your younger ones can't stay for the movie, please come for the excitement beforehand!)  All the districts will join together to enjoy the show, as we eagerly watch to see who will be crowned victor.

We can accept the first 200 through the doors.  For more information about this great event, contact Emily Fossum at the Kemp Center for the Arts at (940) 767-2787 or check out the website at  The Kemp is located at 1300 Lamar in historic downtown Wichita Falls.­­­