Woman Accused Of Sexual Relationship With Teen Girl

A woman was arrested Saturday after confessing to having a sexual relationship with a teen girl.

A mother contacted police on July 13th reporting she believed her 16-year-old daughter was involved in an intimate relationship with Charmaine Lloydette Beaver, 25.

A forensic interview was conducted with the teen on July, 24th, who confirmed they were friends and their relationship had turned intimate while Beaver lived at their house.

The victim said the two were in a bedroom of the teen's house when the incident first happened. The teen stated this happened on multiple occasions, and that they were each aware of the other's age at the time.

Police interviewed Beaver a week later and she verified the information the victim provided saying they were intimate 2 or 3 times during her stay there. She said she knew the victim was 16 and that their actions were wrong.

Beaver is charged with sexual assault and has a bond set for $10,000.