Extension For MSU Meningitis Shot

Some Midwestern State University students who missed the deadline for their meningitis vaccinations can get an extension from the school.

Wednesday, August 15th was the last day for students to submit their vaccination paperwork, but students who have a "reasonable excuse" can apply for an extension from the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Matthew Park says most people will have to get the shot before receiving the extension. The extension is then for filing paperwork associated with the vaccine.

The extension is good until ten days after classes start. Park says after that date, students who still do not have their vaccinations records filed will be un enrolled.

Students cannot register for classes or move into their dorms without their vaccination records or the extension.

A new state law requires all new college students to receive the meningitis vaccine. To learn more about who the law affects and where to get the vaccination, click here.