Medical Preparations Underway for Hotter 'N Hell 2012

Medical teams are getting prepared for the Hotter 'N Hell Hundred.

Dr. Keith Williamson is the Medical Director for the event, and he's in charge of gathering a team of medical volunteers to keep riders safe.

This year, he has brought together 61 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to help with the event.  Some are coming from as far as Fort Worth.

"It is strictly giving of themselves because they know that it is a good thing for the community and it's a good thing for the face of medicine in Wichita Falls," said Dr. Williamson.

The change in the race course this year has affected the medical staffing as well.  Competitive racers will now be on a separate course from those who are just riding for fun. Dr. Williamson had to change his staffing as a result, but he says competitive riders need less medical attention.

"The more race experience that you have, the better you are at managing your resources--your fuel, your hydration, your energy and your heat," said Dr. Williamson. "They don't tend to have the same medical problems that tour riders have."

Doctors see a wide range of injuries during the race, including broken bones, concussions, heat sickness and even knocked out teeth. Williamson said the most common injuries is scrapes and "road burn".

The Hotter 'N Hell Hundred is August 25th and the starting line is at Scott St.