Tax Free Business

Texas shoppers have been taking full advantage of this weekends tax free savings, but we wanted to know what the impact was on Texoma's economy.
Newschannel 6 spoke with local businesses to see if the shopping holiday brought in the customers, and the revenue they expected.
At the Walmart on Lawrence Road, Manager Ben Barboza says business is good, but not because of the tax free weekend.
"It was just steady," said Barboza. "It was nothing spiking up and down, it was just steady."
Barboza told us the weekend has been business as usual.
"The lines didn't get any longer, they were the same as they normally would be," Baroza told us. "There was a lot of back to school, but it was sporadic times during the day."
Barboza says they've sold the same amount of product as last year. It just was not all in one big rush during the tax free weekend.
We spoke with managers at several stores across Wichita Falls who were not able to go on camera because of store policy. Almost all agreed this year has been slower than usual. They say it has brought more shoppers in, but hasn't created the same boom as years past.
Back to school shopping is just as strong this year, but Barboza thinks shoppers are thinking, and planning ahead.
"I think the economy had a lot to do with it," said Barboza.  He feels many Texomans saved and bought things ahead of time because they knew the back to school rush was coming out.  He also believes parents didn't want to wait until last minute and be stuck with a big bill. Barboza also thinks the Oklahoma tax free weekend had an impact in Wichita Falls.
"Last year they were running pretty close to us, one week and then one week," said Barboza. "They did it two weeks ahead of time, so that probably had a little bit of an impact for us."
The Lawrence Road Walmart had 14 extra employees on hand to help with tax free weekend.
Barboza says the extra help didn't go to waste. They come in every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of "Back To School Season".

Christina Myers, Newschannel 6