HHH 2012: Local Economy Expected to Boom

With the Hotter 'N Hell Hundred less than a week away, many Texoma businesses are eagerly awaiting the arrival of thousands of new customers.

Thousands of riders and their families will descend on Texoma for this weekend's big event and hotels, restaurants and shops will all have the chance to benefit.

Traci Bridgens has worked at The Parkway Grill for 10 years and has some experience working during one of Texoma's biggest weekends. She said, "It's always a lot of fun. We always have a great crowd from Hotter 'N Hell. All the hotels are already full and everything here close by us."

Several Texoma hotels have been booked for months. Alanna McDandiel, Sales Manager for the Courtyard Marriott, said as soon as last years Hotter 'N Hell ended, the Courtyard Marriott started getting reservations for this year. "It's a huge rush when you build up for so long from year to year. We always leave a little bit of room available for any errors or cancellations, last minute reservations that want to come in."

Directing all the visitors to the hungry Texoma businesses is Lindsay Greer and her team from the Wichita Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau. She said Hotter 'N Hell visitors spend $8.3 million  in 2010 and this year could be even better. Greer said, "Those folks are in town for 2 or 3 days. We definitely want them out and about eating in the restaurants. They bring their families, they bring their support system with them, so we are definitely seeing an impact."

Greer added that one of the most important things is for businesses and residents to make a good impression this weekend, so people will keep coming back to Wichita Falls. She said, "I think we want to come out and show them a good time. We want to show them what Wichita Falls is all about. That's the one consistent message we get is how well organized Hotter 'N Hell is but also the friendliness of the citizens."

McDandiel said it's a huge event for the city. "For us it's huge. For the city I think it's a great thing. I think everybody in Wichita just needs to open their arms to these riders. They come in and they spend a ton of money between the hotels, businesses, restaurants, just gas stations alone."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6