New Section Of Rhea Road Realignment Project Opens Soon

Rhea Road Realignment Project is almost half finished.

The newly paved and diverted section of Lawrence Road at Call Field and Rhea Road will open, Thursday, August 30th. The new traffic signals will be fully functional and the old signals will be disabled.

Once traffic is diverted the contractor will begin demolition of the old section of Lawrence Road at Call Field. Construction workers will still be in the area.

Drivers are urged to use caution and reduce their speed.

The Rhea Road Realignment Project plans to ease traffic on one of the busiest intersections in Wichita Falls. The city council awarded a more than $1.2 million bid March 6th, to Duke Construction Company to handle the construction.

It's set to be completed by October 3rd.

For more information you can contact Project Engineer, Blane Boswell at 761-7477.