2 Men Fall From an 80 ft. Tower

Two men survived from falling off an 80 ft. cell phone tower.

Two medical helicopters were dispatched to Hwy. 25 just outside Archer City late Wednesday afternoon take the victims to the hospital. One helicopter came from Mineral Wells, a second one came from Wichita Falls.

A representative with the Archer County Sheriffs Office said the 24-year-old and 32-year-old men were on their way down when a piece of their equipment failed, sending them falling about 30 feet to the ground.

Archer County Sergeant Simon Dwyer said the 24-year-old man lost his footing.

The 32-year-old-man higher on the tower said he heard a scuffle and pop. He looked down and saw the other man fall because the safety catch he was wearing didn't latch on.

The 32 year old then grabbed on to the tower but his safety latch sawed into his arm forcing him to let go.

Two additional workers were on the ground. One ran to a nearby home for help. Jayce Graham answered the door and the plea for help. She said, "Someone was knocking on the door really frantically and so I go over and I open it. It's one of the guys standing there and he says 2 people just fell off the tower I need you to call 911."

Graham and her family stayed with the 2 workers on the ground and watched as EMS personnel arrived and placed both men in neck braces and back boards.

Amazingly, both men were also conscious and talking as they were taken to ambulances to await air transport. Graham said, "They were moaning and groaning and, you know, they were talking, they were saying their names. So they were hurting but at least they were talking and they were conscious."

Both men sustained serious injuries but are expected to survive. They are recovering in the ICU at United Regional.

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Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6