New Free Crime Map For The Public

The Wichita Falls Police Department and BAIR Analytics Inc. recently partnered to provide you a new way to keep your eye on crime in Wichita Falls with your computer or cell phone.

The Wichita Falls Police Department now has an online crime map called RAIDS Online. The website maps and analyzes crime data, alerts Wichita Falls citizens about crimes in their area, and allows the Wichita Falls Police Department to quickly alert the public about crimes as they occur.
With this system Wichita Falls citizens can:

  • view a map and grid with all of the crimes in their area,
  • sign up for neighborhood watch reports that automatically email a breakdown of recent crime activity,
  • and submit an anonymous tip about a crime directly to their law enforcement agency.

RAIDS Online automatically syncs with the Wichita Falls Police Department's records system to keep crime information updated online and in the mobile app. RAIDS Online cleans and geocodes the crime data. It then displays all of the incidents on a map, grid and analytics dashboard along with some basic information about the incidents, including the type of crime, location type, block-level address, date and time.
"The Wichita Falls Police Department's participation in RAIDS Online highlights their commitment to proactive communication with the public they serve," said Sean Bair, founder of BAIR Analytics, "We're excited to partner with the Wichita Falls Police Department to provide this free service for their public."
Typically, agencies can spend thousands of dollars annually through other crime mapping providers. BAIR Analytics offers RAIDS Online and the RAIDS Online Mobile app as a free service to any law enforcement agency that wishes to participate.

RAIDS Online Mobile empowers citizens to better understand crime trends and lower crime in their area. Recent crime incidents are displayed on a map or listed in a grid. Users can click on an incident for more information or display a hotspot map based on the crimes that are currently in display.

Users can also sign up for neighborhood watch reports that automatically email any recent crime activity on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. The app makes all of this information accessible anywhere from a user's mobile device. The RAIDS Online Mobile app is available for FREE on the App Store.

RAIDS Online is ad-free and BAIR Analytics does not sell the data to third party vendors. That means the agency remains in complete control over their data. Bair said, "We wanted to do something to help law enforcement in these tough economic times. We consider this a basic service that we are more than happy to provide to the public and our law enforcement friends."