Health Department Continues West Nile Response

WICHITA FALLS - The Wichita Falls-Wichita County Health District's Environmental Health Division, through the integrated pest management program for mosquito control, continues to respond to the on-going West Nile Virus situation in Wichita Falls and Wichita County.

The District's mosquito abatement efforts include collaboration with the City's Parks and Public Works Departments to reduce or eliminate standing water by clearing or repairing blocked drainage ditches, broken irrigation lines in the parks, and broken sewer and water lines.

The Health District is also monitoring mosquito populations and vector activity with Gravid Mosquito Traps. The Health District's Environmental Health Division has created maps separating the city into surveillance zones. The zones are checked at least once a month and after it rains. If standing water is found it is dumped out (if possible); treated, if it contains mosquito larva and pupa, or left untreated if it contains natural predators, such as fish and frogs.

The Health District is also responding to public reports of mosquitoes and standing water by larviciding and spraying areas as necessary. The District is reminding everyone that mosquito larvicide is free to citizens of Wichita Falls and Wichita County. This also includes instructions on how to treat low lying areas or areas that are drying up due to drought conditions.

The Health District will continue abatement efforts until the mosquito season ends in October. To request spraying for live mosquitoes please call 940-761-7890.

For questions about West Nile Virus call 940-761-7697, or visit the Centers for Disease Control website. Information about West Nile Virus can also be followed on the City's Emergency Preparedness Twitter feed @CWFEMPrep.