Success Story: Moving Out Of Faith Mission

A family of six has moved into a new house after staying at Faith Mission for the past month.

Richard and Daneta Driver and their four kids turned to the organization after Richard lost his job. The family lost their house and then couldn't afford to keep an apartment.

"We thought we were doing the right thing and we failed, and (Faith Mission) picked up the pieces and were there to help us out," said Daneta. "They allowed us to step back, rethink things and not have to worry about all the bills and everybody that's due
and get on our feet."

While the Drivers were without a home, they were split up between Faith Refuge and the Mission, and the family says the hardest part of the process was not being able to be together.

Now, Daneta says their new house is nicer than any of their previous places. Although the family still doesn't have some bigger household items, including couches, beds and tables, they are just happy to have the family back together.

"The house is a home with all of us together. Now that all my kids are home and my husband's with us, we're home, we're together," said Daneta.