HHH 2012: Home Away From Home

Riders are beginning to show up in Texoma, as the 31st Hotter 'N Hell draws even closer. With many hotels full, thousands of riders are seeking shelter anywhere they can find it. Cyclists from all over the world will be shacking up on people's couches, in people's spare bedrooms, or in tents right on the front lawn.

Texoma residents Brad and Lynette Boddy are opening their home, including four bedrooms, to some of those riders. Lynette said, "I knew Brad and I had four extra bedrooms that were empty because our children are all in college or out of college. So I thought, why not? I love my community let's help."

For weeks, people across Texoma have posted adds on Craigslist, offering space on their couches for $75 or a bedroom for $200, but the Boddy's are offering up their pool, barbecue and beds, free of charge.

Lynette said, "Or if they want to make a donation fine." Brad added, "We'd rather it be a donation than money in our pockets. We want to help the community in the process of the thing."

Brad said their goal is to make the Hotter 'N Hell experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for their guests traveling from far away. He said, "This gives them a break for that they can get up and be down there, 10 minutes from here instead of driving in a couple hours and having to get up early and be not as rested."

And while you could stay at a hotel, in one of 100 identical rooms, the Boddy's hope their place feels like home. Lynette said, "This is their home while they're here. They can come and go. We'll be here, it won't be locked. We'll have fun, we'll cook, well do whatever."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6