TXDOT Prepares Roads For Hotter'N Hell

The day before the big race, TXDOT has traffic control devices at intersections across the city, ready to be put in place early Saturday morning.

Crews have also been doing daily maintenance on all of the routes, including sweeping and mowing. Hotter'N Hell TXDOT Liaison Matt Smith says preparations actually begin a year in advance, but the new route for this year's race changed things a bit.

"It's actually doubled my territory as far as covering, because now I have Clay County,  Wichita County and part of Wilbarger County," said Smith.

TXDOT found out about the route changes in February and moved around the construction schedule in order to accommodate the race.

Inside Wichita Falls city limits, roads will be closed down as the thousands of riders make their way through. While drivers in the city are used to the event and tend to avoid the routes if at all possible, Smith said some people on the new routes may not be as aware. Smith adds that once they are outside the city, riders will have to be more cautious as well.

"Once the riders get out of the city limits of Wichita Falls...we don't close any roads off," said Smith. "Bicycles are a form of transportation just like a vehicle, so they have to--the riders have to obey the traffic laws just like anybody else."