Pushing Booze in Iowa Park

Some Iowa Park citizens are pushing for the city to go wet and to put booze on the November ballot.

The push for booze is in full swing for Justice Of The Peace, Precinct 3. Wichita County Commissioners said right now Iowa Park falls under the only precinct in the county that doesn't allow the sale of alcohol.

Some Iowa Park citizens are rallying up signatures so the city can join the rest of the county and become wet. County officials are watching closely.

Barry Mahler, Wichita County Commissioner of Precinct 3, said wet cities are becoming a trend. 
"It just seems to be a change in the attitude and I think before it was extremely difficult to get a city changed." Mahler added, "Now we've noticed it seems the trend is that when one of them does come up, voters decide to make a change."

The county remains neutral, but Iowa Park resident Tim Sheppard is pushing for change. He said the issue boils down to more than just alcohol. Sheppard said the whole purpose is the tax dollars.

Sheppard said the sale of alcohol would boost the local economy. "Many other businesses could open in this town. Hotels or all the different types of national chain restaurants could come." Sheppard added, "It's not just the tax dollars from the alcohol, it's the growth that this city could have."

Newschannel 6 also reached out to Iowa Park Mayor Dan Fears about the issue. Fears said it is up to the voters at this point and whatever they decide the city will honor.

Tim Sheppard said Saturday morning he will set up in Iowa Park, across from Ken's Pizza in Iowa Park, trying to get signatures. Anyone who wants to stop by and sign the petition can do so, but you have to be a registered voter and live inside Justice Of The Peace Precinct 3.

You can contact Tim Sheppard at (940) 249-3218 with any questions.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6