Fresh Start: Petrolia CISD

Petrolia kicked off the first day of school as a consolidated district.

Kim Williams, Petrolia's Elementary School Principal, said the school welcomed 25 new Byers students.

Staff and teachers are trying to make the transition as easy as possible. "You look at different needs those kids may have. You also look at what you need to do ahead of time to meet the needs of those students." Williams added, "There's a lot of planning and research that needs to go in so that when those kids start, they can just fall into their normal schedule."

Mrs. Lora Miller's second grade class welcomed one new Byers student Monday. Mrs. Miller commented, "We've been working together as a group and we've welcomed her with open arms. She has just blossomed."

Teachers have been shuffled around to accommodate the increased enrollment. A first and fifth grade teacher were hired, and a response intervention specialist was also hired.

Williams said, "Our numbers just soared in Pre-K with the consolidation. We created a three year old Pre-K class, we have a four year old Pre-K class, and we have a tuition class." Williams added, "In all, we are serving about 44 three and four year old children."

Petrolia also has two new bus routes to accommodate Byers students. A Byers town route and country route have been added.

A community pep-rally is set for Thursday at Petrolia High School. Food will be served and the school will showcase their Pirate athletes and band members. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6