WFISD Adopts Budget Days Before Deadline

The Wichita Falls Independent School District adopted a 2012-2013 budget Monday evening just days before the July 31, deadline.

The budget is $99 million. It also entails $300,000 in cuts with a $5,000 surplus. Seven percent will be cut from the superintendents budget and other major cuts will be made to the maintenance department, athletics and technology; however, they do stress those cuts shouldn't be seen inside the classroom.

"The teachers and students should not see any reduction in services in these cuts that were made," said WFISD Interim CFO, Laura Lee Brock.

Earlier this month Newschannel 6 told you about a mix-up that cost WFISD 1.2 million. The board paid for that through their multi-million fund balance, but that mistake will also reflect in this budget year.

"This year's current general fund budget is actually about $1.3 million less that what we adopted last year which is overcoming the estimated deficit for the 2011-2012 year."

For the second straight year teachers will see no salary increase but that's is something they plan to change.

"We still have work to go things that we have to look at," said Board President Kevin Goldstein. "Mainly looking at salary increases or stipends for our teachers and staff."

An outside agency will overlook the budget and determine if they can afford to give a salary increase or bonuses. That won't be official until September or October.

The tax rate also increased by half a cent to $1.21. That is split into two categories; maintenance and operation will stay the same at $1.4; INS increased by half a penny..

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6