City Continues Composting Partnership With Fain Elementary

WICHITA FALLS - For several years Fain Elementary, working with the City's Sanitation Division, has been operating a food waste composting program called Helping Hands. Organics are separated from the non-organics after breakfast and lunch and placed in a special dumpster. The City picks up the organic material and adds it to the compost heap at the Landfill.

"Fain is the only school with a Helping Hands program but other schools are collecting organics such as paper products, which we use to make the highest quality compost in North Texas," said Dave Lehfeldt, Sanitation Supervisor.

"We'll work with any school or business to expand and improve our composting program and hope Fain Elementary serves as a good example of how we can all contribute to the recycling efforts in our area," said Lehfeldt.

Schools, businesses and residents can participate in composting by calling 761-7977. Residents can request a green curb cart that is filled with yard and food waste and paper products. The container is picked up once a week and the materials used to create compost at the landfill.

Residents who participate in this program are then able to receive free compost twice a year.