Bowie West Nile Watch

City officials in Bowie are stepping up their efforts to protect citizens from the West Nile Virus after a man died of the disease earlier this month.

Local and state officials have confirmed a Bowie man who died in early August was infected with West Nile. Another case in Bowie has also been reported this month. Until recently, Bowie emergency officials were only surveying likely mosquito breeding grounds and raising awareness for residents.

Bowie's Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Spinks said, "Again heighten the awareness of what this is all about. Not anything to be afraid of, or scared of, or panic over. Its just hey, you know, we got to kind of be paying attention."

Now, with the local death, officials will be stepping up their efforts. Spinks said, "The second phase would be to get into some spraying activities. After that, also in the second phase, we do the monitoring and we get the assistance from the state on that they come in with the mosquito traps."

Residents we spoke with were pleased with the quick response to a growing concern. One Bowie resident said, "If it gets rid of them, I guess so, especially for the kids, the high school kids and this being such a small town."

To learn more about what you can do to protect yourself from West Nile click here.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6