Power Lunch

School lunches are getting healthier. New guidelines are changing the way meals look in the cafeteria.

School lunches at Crockett Elementary are looking good. The bread is wheat, the rice is brown and there are more vegetables. The changes are due to the strict new USDA guidelines school's now have to follow.

Kathy Bolton, Child Nutrition Director for the WFISD, said, "The kids have to pick up three of the five components offered. The components are grain, fruit, milk, vegetables and protein."

Bolton said the entire district is working to be in compliance with the new guidelines, all a part of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.

"When the students come through the line they have to have at least a fruit or vegetable on their tray, to be a reimbursement meal."

Not only will fruits and vegetables be offered everyday, the district is working to provide more options. Bolton said, "All of the five components will be offered everyday. We have been in compliance with that anyway, but we are now serving more whole grains."

Staff has been trained to make sure each child's tray has what is needed, but Bolton said she wants kids to like what's being offered.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6