Walking The Line Between Bus And No Bus

Some families in the Wichita Falls Independent School District live right on the line for their kids to take the school bus, which has created some confusion for parents.

According to a regulation from the Texas Education Association, the WFISD is only allowed to pick up students who live more than two miles from their nearest school.

"The truth of that matter is, we're talking about people's kids, and when you talk about telling me somebody needs to walk 1.75 miles, it's a long ways and we understand that," said Brian Gibson, General Manager of Durham School Services, which provides busses to all district schools.

One mom, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she lives between 1.7 and 1.9 miles from Rider High School, and she's concerned about her two kids walking that distance every day.

"I find it unnerving that they're expected to walk, you know two miles, or even if it was just a mile and a half, to go through neighborhoods and stuff like that," said the mom. "Because ultimately high school kids are going to get into mischief."

Roads that are deemed "hazardous" are the one exception to the rule. Even if students live closer than two miles to their school, they may take the bus if they have to cross any roads that are over 45 miles per hours, have three or more lanes of traffic, or do not have traffic lights.

Gibson said the district is currently allowing as many students as possible to ride the bus.

"As a cost cutting initiative, I will tell you that it has been looked at to even going from two miles to three miles because two miles is the minimum (required by the TEA)," said Gibson. "But at this time that wasn't a decision that was in the best interest of everybody."