Electra Student Arrested With Gun

An Electra High School student is behind bars after being arrested for bringing a hand gun onto school property.

Around 5:15 on Tuesday, several Electra High School students were leaving a volleyball game at the school's gym. In the parking lot they saw another student walking around and waving a hand gun in the air. The 16 year old gunman was not pointing the gun at anyone, nor did he make any threats. The group of students went back inside the gym and told their parents, who brought them to the Electra Police department.

Electra Police Chief Johnny Morris said, "This is the first time in the 11 years that I've been here that we've had such a call about a student with a weapon."

Police rushed to the high school but the suspect was nowhere to be found. After conducting multiple interviews and verifying the suspects identity, police got a warrant for his arrest and went to his home outside the city limits.

Morris said, "We went to the subjects residence, located the subject and arrested him. Wichita County Sheriff's deputies transported him to Wichita Falls Juvenile Detention Center in Wichita Falls."
Residents in Electra are taking some comfort in knowing the gunman is behind bars, but they are still wondering why the 16 year old brought a gun onto school property.

Morris said, "He wouldn't give us a reason why he had the hand gun or what he was doing with it. No shots were fired, no one at the school was in danger, we do not have a reason on why he was on school property with a hand gun."

The student faces a class 3 felony charge for possession of a weapon in a prohibited area.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6