Lackland Sex Scandal Spreads To Sheppard

There is a confirmed connection between the Lackland Air Force Base sex scandal and Sheppard Air Force Base.

A Sheppard official confirmed a Lackland tech sergeant followed two of his female students to their assignments at Sheppard AFB in 2009 shortly after their graduation.

The instructor met with one student, had sex with her off base and then returned her before curfew. Some time later, the instructor picked up the second student in a parking lot, had sex with her and took her back to the base. The sexual relationships were consensual; however, such relationships between instructors and students are prohibited by Air Force regulations.

Because the sergeant was from Lackland the San Antonio base led the investigation and prosecuted the instructor. He was convicted in a court martial.

Officials said this is the only confirmed incident that connects Sheppard to Lackland where more than a dozen instructors have been charged in the scandal involving some 40 trainees.

Two have already been convicted. The top commander of the San Antonio base has also been relieved from his position.