Keeping Up With Demand

Keeping up with the demand is stretching funds for volunteer fire departments across Texoma. VFD's rely on your donations to keep you safe.

Battling blazes can definitely cause wear and tear on fire trucks, but more on volunteer fire department pocket books.

Mike Roberts, Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department's Fire Chief, said, "In one day period you can spend up to $400 per truck." Roberts added, "If we don't blow out any tires you can look at $200 to $300. If you blow a motor or a pump, you are looking at thousands."

Hundreds let alone thousands is not feasible for VFD's. "All the small fire departments are hurting right now. We've spent a lot of money on tires."

Roberts said it's not just tires that are an issue, it's fuel. "Most fires will last up to four to ten hours and the trucks stay running." Roberts added, "You got a pump motor and you got the big motor on your truck and it burns lots of fuel."

As Texoma approaches the busiest time of the year for VFD's, Roberts encourages everyone to give. "The more we get donations the more it helps us. If people just give $20, that's more than what we had." Roberts added, "It helps all the fire departments stay alive and protect all of their areas."

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6