Battling Long Lunch Lines At A Texoma School

Parents of students at Rider High School are concerned their kids aren't getting to eat lunch because the lines in the cafeteria are too long.

The Public Information Officer for the Wichita Falls Independent School District Renae Murphy said long cafeteria lines are normal for the first few days of classes. However, Assistant Principals in the lunch room at Rider did notice a problem, and they took action.

"The Assistant Principals did allow and give more flexibility to students as they were getting their lunch," said Murphy. "Even if the bell rang, they gave them time to finish eating before going on to class."

An extra lunch line has also been added to the lunch room at Rider in order to help the flow of students. The school's Principal has noticed Juniors and Seniors taking lunch off campus has also helped ease the long lines.

"Since then, Ms. McDonald has observed about 20 minutes of cafeteria lines and the student cafe actually being accessible for students with no one in lines," said Murphy.