High School Football Boosts Business

Local businesses across Texoma are gearing up for High School football season, which means new faces coming to town.

In Iowa Park, Ken's Pizza and Harvey's are preparing for an influx of players, and their family and friends, on game nights.

"We're excited! It's always really good for business, it brings in a lot of new people from other towns and then of course our local people," said Harvey's employee Charity Treadway.

Both restaurants bring in extra crews on game nights in order to cater to full teams.

"They'll call ahead of time and they'll have 60 players, say 'We need 60 burgers, fries, drinks, and we'll need it ready by 9 o'clock,'" said Treadway. "So it's usually big orders but it's very good for business."

All teams are treated the same, whether they are the home team or from out of town.

"We take care of the visiting teams also, we like to feed those teams," said Ken's Pizza owner Steve Smith. "We kind of roll out the red carpet for them."

Employees also understand the needs of family and friends trying to make it to the game on time to support their team.

"They want to go, go, go real fast and eat fast and have everything ready, because they've got to be there before kick off starts," said Treadway.

It may be hectic, but it's all just a part of football season.

"Football kind of gets the town rolling here in Iowa Park," said Smith.