Aviation Documentary Shot In The Falls

Camera crews were in Wichita Falls Saturday filming parts of a documentary for PBS.

The Falls is home to one of only six Curtiss Jenny airplanes that are still flying. The aircrafts were the first mass produced planes in the United States, and they were used in WWI to teach cadets how to fly.

Elaine Walker and her husband with Peridot Pictures have been shooting a documentary on the history of the plane all across the U.S. They came to Wichita Falls to get footage of the only operational Jenny left in military colors.

The Falls also provided more than just the plane to give the documentary a more realistic feel.

"Of course the fact that they have these vintage automobiles really sets the stage, and then the young men who came out here in period uniform is great because we will make probably the sepia tone so that it will put you right back in that era when the Jenny was brand new," said Walker.
Sheppard Airmen were also involved in the project, playing the roles of the pilot and trainee.

"It's cool, I'm famous," said Sheppard Flight Chief Sean Blumenhein. "It's just something you never get to do, it's like a once in a lifetime."

The documentary is set to premiere on PBS in 2013.