Child Care Homework

Parents if you are searching for a day care provider, do your homework first. At first glance every day care provider might seem like the right choice, but after taking a second look you might think other wise.

Patsy's House is a non-profit organization and helps keep kids safe. It encourages all parents to do their homework when it comes to day care.

Rachel Jones, Social Services Coordinator for Patsy's House, said, "Every parent should go into the day care during the odd times a day and see how nap time runs, how meal time runs and what the transition schedules are like."

Jones said staff to child ratio is also very important. "You want to make sure that there's enough staff." Jones added, "Just in the case that one staff member has to take care of an emergency, there are enough staff members to watch the other children."

Texas Department Of Family And Protective Services urges parents to stop, look and listen when touring a day care. Officials have noticed that parents are making decisions on costs and convenience, rather then safety.

The most important advice Patsy's House gives is that parents should talk to their child about safety. Jones said, "As soon as the children start learning how to speak about private parts, about boundaries, and about what's appropriate touching, teach your child what's ok and not ok."

To find other great tips on choosing the right day care provider, you can head to the Texas Child Care Licensing website.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6