Petrolia Pump Shut Off, Mayor Feels "Safe" About Water Crisis

A pump put in place to help with the dire water situation in Petrolia was shut down by the Mayor, after it began pumping out muddy water.

The pump was set up about a month ago, in order to pump water from one city lake to another, where it could be used by residents. Mayor Bill Holmberg said he shut the pump down on Monday, August 27th, when the water coming out was "not fit for human consumption."

However, Mayor Holmberg is not concerned that the City of Petrolia will move past Stage 4 drought restrictions.

"I feel safe, yea. I've checked with my people and they feel safe," said Holmberg. "Because if we go past it, we'll be out of water. I don't know what to do after that."

The mayor said officials have dug another well that should soon be operational, and the city is relying completely on well water at this time.

Three water main breaks in the city had officials running around making repairs, but Holmberg says he doesn't expect the water lost to make a lasting impact. Stage 4 is the highest drought restrictions a city can be under before going to the state for help.