Armed Robber on the Run

Wichita Falls Police combed through Lucy Park and the surrounding area Wednesday, on the hunt for an armed robber.

Sgt. Joe Snyder with the WFPD described the suspect to Newschannel 6 as wearing:

  • A black T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • White tennis shoes
  • Black Baseball hat

The gunman entered the Cash Store on Sheppard Access Road sometime before 1:00 in the afternoon on Wednesday. He was carrying a gun and demanded cash from a female employee. She handed over an unknown amount. The suspect then tied the woman up, stole the keys to her red Dodge Durango and took off.

Police said they got the robbery call at 12:44 Wednesday afternoon.

Police found the stolen vehicle at 1:23, parked in the Wichita Bend RV Park. But the suspect was nowhere to be found. Police say he may have crossed a suspension bridge connecting the RV Park to Lucy Park. Sgt. Snyder said the search was made more difficult by dense foliage along both sides of the river.

The Crime Scene Unit dusted the Durango for fingerprints while police coordinated a search along the banks of the river and throughout Lucy Park, but the last time anyone definitively saw the suspect, was hours before at the scene of the crime.

An employee at the Cash Store said they do have surveillance cameras. Police now have the footage and are expected to release it to the media in the coming days.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6