Business Booms in Bowie

At least 15 new jobs are coming to Bowie after the city's Economic Development Corporation secured a deal with a fortune 500 company.

The deal was finalized back in March, and now construction crews are putting the finishing touches on a 15,000 square foot building off Highway 81.

The shell of the building was completed 8 years ago, and the BEDC has been working to fill the space ever since. Director of Economic Development Janis Crawley said building a space for a business without having one can be controversial. She said, "Sometimes that's a gamble and we all realize that as we've sat here for 8 years and watched this building sit here."

But the gamble paid off when the BEDC secured a deal with Cameron International, a manufacturer of oil production parts based in Houston. Chairman of the Economic Development Board Bert Cunningham said, "Cameron is a fortune 500 company. They've been around for some time. They're extremely stable, so there's no better bet I think for us."

Cameron International agreed to create 15 new jobs in Bowie, and won't be getting any other incentives from the BEDC. Crawley said, "Cameron International was the ideal company for us to recruit to this building because we didn't have to lay out any incentives for them."

The $1.4 million it cost to build the warehouse came from sales tax dollars generated in Bowie. Crawley said it's important to remember where the money comes from. She said, "It never cost the local homeowners anything out of their property or Ad valorem taxes."

Cunningham said crews are expected to finish renovations on the building in the next few weeks, with Cameron International slated to move in on November 1.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6