Flipping For Learning

Out with the old and in with the new. One Hirschi geometry teacher is bringing in a new innovative style of learning into his classroom.

Mr. Robert Borgman, geometry teacher at Hirschi High School, said his new style of teaching is called "flip." His math class watches lectures on-line at home, then come into the classroom and use that time to do homework and ask questions.

Borgman said, "You don't need a pencil or paper you just watch the math lecture on-line. If you have a problem you can just scroll back and watch it again." Borgman added, "If you want to ask a question about it you can just ask it in the classroom. What I would normally give the kids for homework, they're actually doing in the classroom."

Borgman said with the new way every student works at their own pace and no one gets left behind. "Classroom discussion is way up in mathematics. I don't have a classroom with kids sitting there like a deer in headlights." Borgman added, "They are ready to ask questions because they are watching the video, and sometimes even watching it several times."

Mr. Borgman's goal is that each of his students will be ready for the future. "They are leaps and bounds ahead of other students that have just come out of a traditional class where all they know is sit, listen, go home and do homework."

11 of Borgman's students do not have access to Internet at home, so those students are given four different opportunities on campus to watch the lessons. Videos are anywhere from five to eight minutes long.

Borgman said he will quiz students on the lessons they have watched to make sure students are watching their lectures at home. He also said all lectures assigned to students are researched before hand, and are coming from credible web sites.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6