Reptile Rescuer Angry After Finding Iguana Inside Petco Dumpster

Mike Comella of Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue says he found a live reptile from Petco in their dumpster and is demanding answers on how it got there. He says he went to Petco's dumpster located behind the building to look for any discarded items that he could use for his rescue, but what he found instead was a live Iguana inside a mesh bag. He grabbed his video camera and began filming.

"I'm looking in this trash here," said Comella during the video. "And I find this box that says two Iguanas and I find this (Iguana). How do you explain this Petco?"

That happened Friday and come Sunday Mike Comella is still fuming.

"I just don't understand how something like this gets put in the trash."

While the Iguana is happily enjoying a better life now, that wasn't the case Friday when he found it inside a dumpster in 100 degree heat. So with a video camera he filmed his every move.

"Why is there a live Iguana in this trash that has been thrown in the freaken trash in the dumpster?"

That's a question Newschannel 6 took up with Petco. While the Assistant Manager declined to speak on camera she did tell me corporate is looking into the matter. She also said Petco is not missing any Iguanas. In their inventory they have five Iguanas and that's the number they're supposed to have. So whether Petco put it in there or someone else is still up the air.

"This is the first time I've found a live animal in the dumpster but this is not the first time I've taken up an issue with Petco," said Comella.

A few weeks ago Comella claims he found an emaciated Iguana inside the store. An employee allowed him to take the animal as an adoption.

"Unfortunately he was too far gone from the emaciation he had suffered due to a broken jaw," said Comella.

The reptile died just 10 minutes after he took it home and says the employee who helped him was fired. We also took that matter to Petco. Petco confirms that one employee was terminated a few weeks ago due to not following their policy and procedures they have in place.

The dumpster is now locked. A Petco official says the dumpster that is now locked will remain that way as ordered from corporate. She also tells me there are looking into legal action against Mike Comella and dumpster diving. Here in Wichita Falls pilfering or dumpster diving is a violation under section 90-65 of the code of ordinances.

The YouTube video is located here. Though we do warn you it does contain some expletives.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.