Henrietta H2O

Henrietta's  residents learned that the city is still in violation of treatment standards. The city of Henrietta sent a letter alerting residents about a high level of an organic compound, and this is not the first time the city has sent a letter like this out.

The city said the water is safe and it is treated properly, they are just not meeting one of the rules put out by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Trihalomethanes levels in the water are not meeting the standards set by the TCEQ.

Troy Potts, Director of Pubic Works, said, "All surface water has natural organisms that can cause really bad problems with people if they drink it. We have to use a disinfection process to kill those natural organisms."

Potts said the trihalomethanes organic compounds are created when the city treats water with chlorine. The maximum level allowed for the organic compound is .080 milligrams per liter, Henrietta's water is testing at .102.

"There was an increase in trihalomethanes levels once it goes into the storage tank. Then as water goes out in the distribution system these continue to increase."

Potts added that the increase is due to the old water treatment equipment, which is undergoing major renovations.

The TCEQ has given the city until June 1st to get the water in compliance.

Potts said he is confident the water will pass tests in June because the new water storage tanks will be up and running by then.

Construction at the Henrietta Water Treatment Plant is set to break ground next week. Two new water storage tanks will be built. Each will hold 500,000 gallons of water. The project is set to last six months.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6