Moral Dilemma in Iowa Park Causes Penalty for City Official

David Owen, Economic Development Director of Iowa Park still has his job. Monday night Iowa Park City Council spent more than two hours in executive session deciding his fate because of recent comments he made.

A petition going around town has garnered 830 signatures from people supporting the sale of alcohol in the dry town. They have been trying to get it on the May ballot. During that time Owen said he did not support the sale of alcohol in the city and would work to block liquor stores. In Monday's meeting Owen spoke to clarify his comments.

"Trust me when I say I never intended for this to turn into the divisive issue that it has become," said Owen. "I like working for the city of Iowa Park."

"This is nothing personal against Mr. Owen his family or anyone else. If the voters do decide to pass this proposition, is that person with his beliefs the right person for the job," said Tim Sheppard, Spokesman, Citizens to Keep Tax Dollars in Iowa Park.

Owen was able to keep his job but he did receive some penalties as given from council.

Below is the written transcript typed from Iowa Park City Council.

David Owen Be Informed:

1. That David, as the City's Economic Development Director, must carry out the city's economic development policies as established by the city council and cannot refuse to do his job or carry out the economic development policy of the city.

2. That, while he is free to express his individual opinion on political issues he is prohibited from speaking on political issues on behalf of the City of Iowa Park or its corporations.

3. That David must not use public resources to express his view on political issues and must refrain from political activity while on duty for the city.

Based Upon the Foregoing:

A. That this written Discipline be made a part of his personnel file.

B. That he be suspended without pay for 3 days beginning Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

C. That he be placed on probation for a period of 90 days.

Newschannel 6 approached David after council told him his penalties. He said he had no comment and was going to eat with his family.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.