Testing a Safe Environment

Nocona ISD is cracking down on drugs and a new drug testing program is coming in.

Vickie Gearheart, Nocona ISD's Superintendent, said the school board is taking a proactive stance in creating a safer drug free environment.

Any 7th through 12th grade student who wants to participate in any school activities, or park on campus will have to sign a consent form, to be subject to random drug testing. Gearheat said the consent form will allow the school to randomly drug test up to 20 times.

Gearheart said if a student has tested positive the school is looking to step-in and help with counseling.

"It's not going to catch a 100%, in fact we are not in a catching mode." Gearheart added, "We are not a police enforcement agency. We're just trying to create an environment that is safe and drug free so that kids can come without being pressured to take drugs."

Nocona ISD officials have set aside $13,000 to implement the new drug testing program.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6